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January 2011



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Jan. 10th, 2011

(no subject)

Hi, this is Amanda two years later.

I'm still beautiful, amazing, confused, kind, intelligent, strong, unique, independent, brave, fun, funny, spontaneous, adventurous, crazy, sad, happy, and one of the most alive people you will ever meet.

I still love my mother and music and movies and poetry and the ladies.

I am loved.

Tarra Austin is fucking perfect.
She adores everything about me
- the good and the bad -
and the worst thing she'll ever do to me,
is love me too much.
I will marry that girl.

Jun. 8th, 2009

A little update.

So, I haven't written in a while. I was kind of busy and over-whelmed with school. Anyway, the semester is over... I didn't take any of my finals, nor was I there for the last week of classes.... yeah, stupid me. Instead, I was caught up in the fact that my cousin took me to Illinois. We were supposed to stay for 4 days, however, as Connie and Ivy left.... I stayed...

The plan was for me to stay the month of May and return home when Crystal went to New York to visit her family. Well, here it is... June 8th.... still here. Crystal and I went to New York...  I packed my clothes, and said good-bye to the family. I've decided to try something new, somewhere new... maybe it will help me on my journey to get where I'm supposed to be. I do like it here, it's amazing, and so are the people I've met... I feel like I fit in so well. I can be myself, and not have to pretend to be who everyone expects me to be.

I love it here... and I'm hoping that things work out =)

The end.

Mar. 30th, 2009

(no subject)

I have a lot to write about, I guess. Haha
But no time at the moment, this is just a reminder to myself I suppose.

I kind of like living with friends, but it also it STRESSFUL.
Plus, I miss my family, even though they're only 20 minutes away.

I'm screwing up school big time, haven't been doing my work, or really going to class for that matter.

Anyway, I'll write more later.

Mar. 2nd, 2009

Writer's Block: Desert Island Time

You're packing your bag for that magical desert island that happens to have electricity, a TV, and a DVD player—what five DVDs do you take with you?
Haven, Love & Basketball, 300, The Dark Knight, Madagascar

All for obvious reasons. =)

Feb. 20th, 2009

(no subject)

Every day you seem further away
(youre just a phone call away)
I do my best to put my pride aside
and apologize cut myself down a notch
(Every day you seem further away)
I know I said some things that hurt
Took ninety seven missed calls to finally get over you
Well I'm just a fool for you and I think I'm going crazy
*forever the sickest kids - phone call*

(nobody might not understand why i posted these lyrics, but I do)